Saturday, July 2, 2011

Coming soon: Kore DVD

You might have heard some rumors about the Kore DVD coming out soon. The rumors are true!
Our boys, Jay, Rudy, Julian, Edgar, Jerry, and new flow rider Ezikeil have started filming. It is looking sick so far! We are excited for the release of this DVD and we hope you guys are too. It will be done sometime this summer. We will keep you updated.

Also Kore Skate and our boys are going to be on TV soon haha. We are featured in a part of the special skate segment on Get Up & Go on ch. 3. Broadcasting soon. We will post the vid once it comes out!

Last but not least, our employees: Andres and Lily were interviewed in the Skate Day article last week in the El Chicano Weekly, and Colton Currier.

Yeah it is random publicity, but it is publicity none the less :D We had fun

Hollywood is in reach!

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