Monday, June 27, 2011


YES! We know you have all been waiting for this!
The date has been announced.

July 2nd @ Rialto Skatepark
Starts at about 11am.
Appearances by: Hundreds, Huf, Voiage, Krew, Supra, ect.

Meet and get to know our new team members!
This is going to be a very exciting event, don't miss out!
You might get free stuff while you are at it too.
Tell all your friends.

R-Town. It's going down.

CALLING LOCAL ARTISTS!! Kore Hosts Another Graff. Contest!!

Date: July 3rd

Time: 11-whenever

Location: Montclair Store

If you have any questions, or info on how to participate,
hit us up on FACEBOOK.

Come support the artists!

Free Summer BBQ @ Montclair. Brought to you by Voiage

Click on Banner to Visit Voiage Website!

Q&A w/ Julian!

Julian Restrepo

Age: 13

Hometown: Fontana

Fav. Skate Spot: Pacific High School

Goofy/Reg: Regular

Hobbies: Soccer

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Know your swag! JSLV~JusLiv.

About JSLV (Jus•Liv)
Formed in 2007, JSLV is a brand committed to bringing quality apparel to the skate, snow and graffiti culture. JSLV is made up of a diverse group of individuals all sharing common goals and dreams. In a short amount of time JSLV has grown from a well thought out plan into a brand that is now recognized on an international level. It is only because of our "now or never" attitude and the continued support of our industry and community of friends, that we are able to preserve the momentum and drive it takes to keep our doors open. We incorporate facets of our daily lives and are inspired by our daily struggles. We stand behind our product 100% and stay dedicated to the growth and progression of the brand. Our goal is for the JSLV Signature to remain timeless while keeping the product innovative and true.
With continual growth in every division and the proper structure in place, we are now pushing harder than ever. It's no secret that in this industry, brands rise and fall and trends go as soon as they come. At JSLV we strive to be on the cutting edge of upcoming trends while holding fast to the integrity of the brand. In this fast paced world of apparel only the strong will survive!

Kore just got in fresh new JSLV apparel and snap-backs!

Visit: JSLV Blog

Emerica Celebrates Go Skate Day in LA!

June 21, is international "Go Skateboarding Day" and to celebrate Emerica will host its seventh annual Wild in the Streets initiative for the first time in downtown Los Angeles.

Wild in the Streets was developed as a community event to raise awareness for skateboarding and its positive impact on today’s youth, and has drawn thousands of skateboarders, young and old, to events in New York, Vancouver, Montreal, Madrid, London, and Tampa.

Emerica professional team skaters including Andrew Reynolds, Brandon Westgate, Leo Romero, Ed Templeton, Kevin Long, and others will join thousands of skateboarders and follow a five-mile route through the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

Wild in the Streets benefits Boards for Bros, a non-profit developed by a group of skateboarders in Tampa, Florida, who collect and refurbish skateboards so they can be redistributed back into communities across the country for children who cannot afford their own. Boards for Bros works to show that skateboarding can help children learn discipline, respect, and perseverance that will assist them throughout their entire lives, while having fun and exercising.

This artical was brought to you by Examiner.

June 21st only

Stop by Kore Skate Shop today and mention this post for 10% off entire purchase!

Skaters hit us up after your skate session today for some free donuts!

~While they last~

We got the wheel set up in store 2 for customers to spin!

Every spin is a win!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Q&A w/ Jay

Jay Torres
Age: 21

Hometown: San Bernardino!

Favorite skate spot: San G 11 Stairs

Hobbies: Dance, Rap, Make music, Soccer

Favorite pro: P. Rod

Goofy or Reg: Goofy!

"Follow your heart and just do it."

Friday, June 17, 2011

Q&A W/ Rudy

Rudy Felix
Age: 22

Hometown: Redlands

Who have you been sponsored by in the past? Krew, Supra, Element, Innes, ect.

Favorite skate spot: The Ledges

Hobbies: Shoot hoops, hang out with daughter. <3

Favorite Pro Skater: keenan milton R.I.P

Goofy or Reg? Reg


Kore Team!

Rudy Felix

Jay Torres

Jerry Zamudio

Edgar Ochoa

Julian Restrepo

Keep an eye out for our boys this summer!