Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spotlight Brand: HUF

About HUF LA:
HUF began in 2002 when Professional Skateboarder, Keith Hufnagel, wanted to bring the types of shops he was used to in his native NYC to San Francisco where he was living at the time. Over the past decade HUF has evolved from shop to brand which houses skateboard lifestyle apparel and footwear. While the shops in San Francisco had a great run, the brand now currently calls Los Angeles it's headquarters.

& it's official!

Kore has HUF in stock! Many people in the IE have yet to know about this awesome brand. Huf's collection is no doubt swag. Has anyone seen the Huf Shoes at KORE? HARD.

Be above the IE crowd by rocking the Hufs while everyone and their mama will be trying to jock your swag.

Kore will be hosting a skate event soon

@Rialto Skatepark

Keep an eye out for the date!

Huf, Hundreds, Krew, and more are expected to be there!

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Wanna know more about Huf? Check out their site.

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